France wins the World Cup

I have really enjoyed watching so many World Cup matches this time around. I always enjoy international football unlike my husband who prefers cricket. However, after ribbing in the bars here, he has made an effort to watch this year. I have found it quite amusing to hear his commentary. Out and about the football … [Read more…]

Summer struggles

Summertime is the theme set by Best Boot Forward this week. Mine started so well with music festival followed by a rock night and then a great day of shopping for exciting things like shoes, knickers and a bra. It was all going so well. I am now nursing a bout of cystitis which is … [Read more…]

Magical moments in France

It is a year since we started our French adventure so I am going to share some special moments and memories. 1. My husband heading out on our first morning to acquire breakfast for us all and inadvertently offering to sell milk to the cafĂ© owner. 2.The kindness of expat ladies in telling us where … [Read more…]

The Phantom of the Opera

We called into the bar after shopping for a coffee. Our lovely landlord came over eagerly to tell us that we must come tonight as there would be opera. He told us a woman had come in the bar the night before having worked in England and had agreed to sing. Opera is not my … [Read more…]

My new French lover

Admit it! Who clicked in a super-speedy fashion? Right, as you will now know we have a found a very welcoming bar here. Madame has a very tiny dog who ignored me for months and then after a biscuit or two goes insanely wild every time I go in. This pleases Madame no end and … [Read more…]

All the best singers

Him Indoors has gone off to bed tired again (ah the joys of a much older fella!)so with time and space I thought I would describe yet another eventful evening in the bar. We found ourselves in the corner of the bar and somehow the party seemed to focus on our table. This was partly … [Read more…]

A calmer night at the bar

I have been working very hard leading to a fair amount of stress and fatigue so tonight it was nice to get back to the bar with deadlines met. The bar was relatively quiet although all the tables were full with council workers in for their tea and other customers who we do not know … [Read more…]

Fame at last

On one of our visits to our favourite bar, we walked in to see three or four people gathered around a table near the fireplace with their backs to us clearly engrossed in something. We were intrigued so headed over to find out what all the fuss was about. Imagine our surprise when it turned … [Read more…]

A balanced day

I find balance easier here but I still don’t have it totally sussed. Today I am celebrating an “almost got it right” type of day. It started with a lie-in after a good night’s sleep after troubles earlier in the week. We then headed for a small supermarket shop for essentials following by morning coffees … [Read more…]