World Mental Health Day reflections

On World Mental Health Day, I am reflecting how better my wellbeing here is generally with a lot fewer worries on way and another. my teenager is out of school now and declaring himself more than happy with his new environment. It must be great to be free of all those targets and judgemental comments … [Read more…]

Old post 2

Well, you could say it has turned into quite a week! There is the ongoing need to find a house to rent. Dad is in hospital and I am waiting to hear what is wrong with him and what happens next. So time to do the weekly check in to reassure myself that there are … [Read more…]

Old post 1

I am using this blog to move some of my old posts across to so I have them for the future and for the children to read if they see fit in the future. My Dad is seriously ill in hospital. I have had so many lovely and supportive messages on my blog and Twitter … [Read more…]

A cheerier post

Well I am over my little meltdown on this blog and all over Facebook. I suspect with the house move and car issues I had bottled my grief over my brother up too much and it all came out at once. That is not to say that I think my husband is blameless in all … [Read more…]

French dream?

So it was all going so well and I should have known better. The husband had a car crash which he still cannot explain as there were no other people or cars involved. This is in the car that he blew the majority of his pension not that long ago in real terms. And in … [Read more…]