Poorly in France

I am poorly in France and have felt grotty all day with runny nose, sore-ish throat and heavy head. I have tried to take it easier than usual but equally there is always stuff to do and I find it hard to switch off completely. I even managed to tolerate well over a hour of … [Read more…]

A black dog story

We love living in France but there are times when the children fancy food that is a little more familiar such as Subway or McDonalds both of which are available in our largest and beautiful large town. One Sunday, it was agreed we would succumb to the dubious pleasures of McDonalds. I am not a … [Read more…]

An update on life in France

I thought it was time to return to blogging on here. There is a lot happening that would be amusing to write about but I get distracted by money-making which I guess is a good thing in a way. You find me watching Emmerdale and enjoying a roaring log fire. The dogs are snuggling up … [Read more…]

Arriving in Gibraltar and Spanish banter

Arriving in Gibraltar and Spanish barter Today, Dad talks about sailing to Gibraltar and describes buying watches from the Spanish in exchange for cigarettes. It was called the S S Mataroa which conjures up a picture of idyllic cruising in the South Seas. In actual fact it was a cargo ship with limited passenger accommodation … [Read more…]