7 Reasons to visit markets in France

After a lovely morning at the Malestroit market, I thought I would share my reasons to visit markets in France with you.

Reasons To Visit Markets In France


1. Firstly there are so many of them with any sizeable town or village likely to hold one at least once a week so you can choose the market that suits your particular schedule.

2. You are buying seasonal produce which is fresh, colourful and healthy.

3. You don’t need special farmers’ markets as in the UK as the farmers are selling direct at the general markets. You can find farm butter and cheeses not available in the supermarkets.

4. There is a vast choice with several stalls in competition when it comes to fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.


5. You can grab a snack whilst browsing from food vans perhaps saucissons in a baguette or a galette.

6. If you would like to live the rural dream, you can buy live chickens and other livestock.

7. There’s a lovely friendly and lively atmosphere and it is a great place to immerse yourself in the French language.


Ensure you check the timings for markets as they often close at 12 noon or 1pm.

Be aware that you may struggle to find parking easily close to the market.

What are your reasons to visit markets in France?


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  1. Oh my goodness this takes me back – I remember mooching the markets of South of France a long time ago having some serious wanderlust right now! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this x

  2. Oh I love the markets in France. I’ve been to several but the one I particularly loved was in Le Touquet – so much to choose from and all such beautiful products! Very different from an English market! #CoolMumClub

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