A balanced day

I find balance easier here but I still don’t have it totally sussed. Today I am celebrating an “almost got it right” type of day.

It started with a lie-in after a good night’s sleep after troubles earlier in the week.

We then headed for a small supermarket shop for essentials following by morning coffees and hot chocolate in our favourite bar. Madame was on good form telling my husband to get his hair cut or else. We were greeted by other customers in a friendly fashion with the usual mix of handshakes and kisses. Madame presented her dog to me insistent now that the dog will sit with me whether it fancies it or not. There were about 4 dogs in the bar in total and as I love all dogs this suits me just fine.

The fire was going and the elderly log man turned up. We handed him the basket and he went off and came back later to add logs to the fire. An elderly lady go the bellows going. Keeping the fire going seems to be a community affair like so many things here.

We headed home and as I was feeling so good I treated the children to pancakes.

I have worked and I have rested snuggling up with my Beagle on my knee and my Shepherd cross Collie around my neck just about.

I have had a walk through the grounds with the dogs.

I have cooked a chilli for dinner later.

I am never totally on top of housework but today great inroads were made.

I think I need to accept that I juggle a lot more than many people and therefore some things will slip sometimes and I should forgive myself for that and ease up a bit.

Next week, I really want to try to blog more effectively and work too so that I have more time available for home education with the children. We are seriously thinking about putting our 12 year old son back into school at some point as we feel he will benefit. He only ever really left school because his sister did. He has benefitted from home education but I think he may well thrive in the French education system especially with his ambitions to be a chef one day.

So not a perfect day but one with more balance.

And in case you were wondering, I am not going to the bar tonight but all play and flirting with French men makes me a dull girl ish!

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  1. I love hearing about what life is like at home even though that bar is almost an extension of your living room. I think the 12yo would have a big social advantage if he went to school in France. Not to mention a linguistic advantage. Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  2. I know what you mean about juggling too many things at once. I am so guilty of doing this!
    I work from home and homeschool so it’s always quite busy here in the daytime. I hope everything works out with your son returning to school 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC x

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