A cheerier post

Well I am over my little meltdown on this blog and all over Facebook. I suspect with the house move and car issues I had bottled my grief over my brother up too much and it all came out at once.

That is not to say that I think my husband is blameless in all this. On the day of Liz Dawn’s funeral, I am of the view I probably married a Jack Duckworth in that my husband probably does have some love for me but also has a propensity to wind me up and does not match up to my dream date much of the time. I am sure it is mutual and perhaps this is how long-term relationships are – what do I know?

Anyway, on Tuesday I felt better and started to seize life again. So here are some happy things.

1. I live in a beautiful house in beautiful grounds with so much nature around us just on our doorstep. I am really enjoying fungi and we even have those brightly coloured toadstools that are almost mythical.

2. Myself and the husband when we are mates are good ones and have a laugh.

3. I have had some quality time with my youngest son watching him on a new game just him and me up in his penthouse suite.

4. I have just had a lovely hug at his request from my 16 year old son. He has told me how happy and relaxed he is here. We are so blessed that all the children approve of the move wholeheartedly.

5. My daughter is recovering from her bad fall but has now smashed her glasses somehow. Never a dull moment for sure.

6. We have a new puppy, a big one aged 6 months – he is utterly adorable if a little shock to our system after our staid Beagle.

7. Our car is apparently fixed although miles and miles away now we have moved and no idea what the financial cost is yet worryingly but hey decisions will be made in due course. It is all very complex with language barriers of course.

8. I am relishing the simple life. There will be a time when we have a reliable car to head back to exploring the area but for now there is the beautiful house and garden and woodland walks just seconds away. We have cows to visit, horses that visit us along with random cats and rabbits. These things cheer my soul.

9. The employer have fired me for having the audacity to move overseas. As it goes I am discovering new ways to make money. They say they want to take me on as a consultant but there are so many hoops to jump through and no firm timescales. I am strong and am not remotely stressed about stuff. If I have to be a peasant and eat brioche, I think I can live quite happily with that.

What is putting a smile on your face this week?


  1. I’m glad you are still mates with your husband when he’s not being Jack Duckworth. One day I’d love to hear the other ways you make money apart from that regular job. Btw, the rants occasionly make it more real.

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