A family’s views on France

Here are my family’s views of France one week in to our adventure.


General impressions – Bloody bars are shut but I love the pace of life.

Best food – Chips in Carnac

Best drink – Breton beer

Best place – I like the village where we are staying as it is quiet and gentle

Biggest surprise – Quiet roads

Biggest shock – bars shutting at 8pm

Best new contact – Meeting a man on our dog walk and discussing Brexit and French history.

Tween boy

“It is fun and much better than England because you can go out without worrying about being attacked. I can wander down to the shop really quickly. I like it not being as noisy as where we lived before.”

Best food – Toulouse sausages

Best drinks – Orangina

Best place I cannot choose one as everywhere is nice

Biggest surprise – a lovely balcony

Biggest shock – no Internet or phone installed as that was quite annoying.

Best new contact – the little dog at the bar we visited

Tween girl

It is great. The UK was full of bad luck but that is not the case here in France.

Best food – pain aux chocolats although the apple slippers (turnovers!) are good too.

Best drink – Cherry cola

Best place – the local Brocante

Biggest surprise – Cherry Cola being available in France

Biggest shock – Lack of Internet at our new house.

Best new contact – the lady who sold me an electronic journal for just 2 Euros.

Teenage boy

General impressions of France – Everything seems low density and spaced out which makes you want  to explore.

Best food – Baguette

Best drink – Cider!

Best place visited – the chateau in Josselin

Biggest nice surprise – Our dog settling in so well and my new television that my parents bought me

Biggest shock – Lack of Internet!!!!

Best new contact – the man we met on our late-night dog walk. It was great to have someone new to talk to about politics and I liked how it just happened randomly when I was not expecting it

Whether you are an expat of have visited as a tourist, I would love to hear your family’s views on France.


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