All the best singers

Him Indoors has gone off to bed tired again (ah the joys of a much older fella!)so with time and space I thought I would describe yet another eventful evening in the bar.

We found ourselves in the corner of the bar and somehow the party seemed to focus on our table. This was partly because Cap Man who had accused my husband of being gay was in with his booming voice and clearly keen to make amends. Records were playing so we started discussing our musical tastes. A singer was mentioned and I pointed out he was homosexual. I wanted to check out if Cap Man was homophobic as if he was I did not want to be friends with him moving forwards. Cap Man said the singer was good and the sexuality was not of any importance as far as he was concerned. AyUp lad came to join us sitting opposite perched on a table. Wine was flowing and somehow the word homosexual became a bit of an anthem as one singer after another that we thought was good between us also turned out to be gay. Cap Man moves around a lot sometimes planting a kiss on my cheek, sometimes going behind the bar randomly and sometimes greeting other customers.

It was such a fun night. Guitar bar was in and would give us the odd tune now and again sometimes with Cap Man singing along. Guitar man came over to me at one point saying I needed ear plugs to cope with Cap Man’s loudness. I did not like this as he seemed a bit sneaky the way he said it. I like Cap Man and I already know that he and I will be great friends as we both love mischief and may prove a dangerous combination. He told me “Kate you are mad” and I just smiled and said “Ah oui! But in a very good way” resulting in AyUp lad chuckling so much that he nearly fell off the table.

Queen came up proving a big bond between me and Cap Man so various song titles were reeled off by us. I do believe someone looking and sounding an awful lot like me hit her bum as she poked it to the side shouting “Fat Bottomed Girls” to the assembled company.

At another point, a sassy woman and Cap Man did a totally impromptu double act singing and dancing that worked so very well.

This may have been the night and I think it was when the landlord brought out an old-fashioned gramophone complete with the His Masters Voice dog. Something that sounded very much like Churchill’s declaration of war came on it. Random stuff always happens in this bar making it very hard to resist.

We turned left after closing to the Crazy Bar where various games of pool were played. Sadly Cap Man suddenly lost all his energy and got very down presumably about the marriage breakdown and headed off. We were concerned and my husband was going to go after him but I explained he was the wrong person to do so and one of the other customers who knows Cap Man better went instead.

A brilliant night out and I am pleased to say Cap Man lived to smile and sing again.


  1. Your life just sounds totally surreal to me nowadays, I suppose because I never go out to the pub but I like all the names you give the regulars as it reminds me of my stint working in a local pub when I was a late teen, all the regulars had nicknames there too. Mich x

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