An evening in Pontivy

The main excitement of yesterday was an evening in Pontivy.

My husband had swapped shifts so my morning choices were a visit to church, the tourist office or the bakery. In the end after a bad night’s sleep due to a diagonal husband, I caught up with rest. It amazes me that finally I have learned to laze around and to enjoy it.

The children are in Internet heaven and as they have not had access for a couple of weeks I am letting them have free rein.

We feel so much more together as a family with my husband working from home. He works hard but there are moments when we can check in with each other which makes me feel less isolated.

Work finished at 7.30pm French time so we headed out to Pontivy as we had not yet visited. We were quite impressed partly because it was still open in the evening. France is sleepy even in the bigger towns at night. I think this is great for family life generally but not so good when you really do fancy a meal or a drink out.

I had only really wanted a drive but my husband suggested a meal and pointed at a place that was open. I asked if he was joking as it was a cous cous restaurant. I still remember cous cous from the Eighties which I always told my veggie friend was like eating dandruff. We found a bistro opposite and go right to the door before my husband realised he did not have any money or not enough anyway. By now the heavens had opened so we were wet through and I was cross about the lack of planning. We found a bank but by then my daughter announced she was not hungry so all meal plans were cancelled. This was fine except I was so hungry now and very tempted by the offerings of the bistro. We agreed to return another time.

As we drove home, we were surprised to see a machine saying it distributed bread. My husband put in his Euro and out popped a freshly-baked baguette which he threw on my lap in the car covering my leggings with flour in the process. My daughter decided she was hungry after all and proceeded to make a valiant attempt at eating the whole thing.

It was a night that should have been better but at least we had got out and found a place with a bit of life when we can persuade all the children to be hungry at the same time.

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