An unexpected invitation

We have a lovely little bar that we go to for a drink often on Fridays and morning coffees on random days throughout the week.

We were in there at the weekend during the day for a coffee.

My husband was by the fire where the smokers hang out when Madame who runs the bar with her husband (or we think he is anyway), tapped him on the shoulder making him jump.

She opened a newspaper, placed it on the table and instructed “Regardez!”.

He tried to read the paper or decipher meaning from the photograph of a building but was getting nowhere.

So Madame started saying “Homme” “Femme” and then pointing to him and then me and herself and also referencing her husband. The men in the bar started to laugh particularly when she started mimicking taking her clothes off. One man started swaying back and forth and singing in English.

I went over and worked out that the new story concerned a building that had closed in March and is now up for sale with plans to make it into a disco, music club or something else which I could not translate.

“Libertine” said Madame and I shook my head trying to work out what something that sounded like free had to do with a disco.

My husband was convinced that “libertine” must be something to do with a sex club and on further research back home it seems that libertine suggests a swingers club which added to Madame’s descriptions seems likely.

I think Madame was just having a laugh with us and I have to say we giggled about it all day long with me saying I could have probably got my husband over here a lot quicker if I had mentioned sex clubs.

The really funny thing for me was the abject terror on my husband’s face whilst I got interested when Madame mentioned masks but only because with my innocent mind I thought she meant a Venetian ball type mask or similar.

I always thought it was “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” but it seems I may have got that first word wrong!

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  1. Hi Catherine, how funny! Madame sounds like a right character. Can you imagine if you had taken her up on her offer!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC


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