Our wildest night yet

We entered the bar and it was the busiest we have ever seen it. If it had been so full in England, I would have left immediately as people were really shoulder to shoulder and it is a very small bar. I reckon about 40 people had managed to get in there. Of course Didier … [Read more…]

Going to see the Mayor

We took up an invitation to go and see the Mayor as newcomers to the village. We did not know what to expect and I think we both felt quite daunted. Like so many community facilities here, the Mayoral building is impressive and modern. We waited outside and eventually people turned up to let us … [Read more…]

Vegetables but at what cost?

So after the debacle in our favourite bar, we decided not to give up on our evening and headed to the Crazy Bar. There were a few regulars on stools by the bar chatting and laughing. I love how people laugh here whole-heartedly with no embarrassment at all. Two young boys were playing pool and … [Read more…]

Feeling a little bruised

I am feeling a little bruised emotionally so thought I would blog it out. We were in our favourite bar the other night. A relative of the owner was in and we have seen him twice before. He always goes on about my husband’s lack of French. We have seen him be really harsh with … [Read more…]

Snow and Lottery Wins

You find me utterly knackered. We stayed up way too late last night as sometime we get muddled still between French and English time. It was a pleasant evening in front of the wood burner and the telly but it took its toll. My husband took about 20 alarm calls before he got out of … [Read more…]

Perfectionism and pool problems

My youngest son is brilliant at nearly everything he does. Over the years, we have been in awe of his ability to be amazingly talented at just about everything. He was put on the gifted register early and he charms everyone he meets. In fact if he was not my son I would find him … [Read more…]

Cards, dice and virgins!

One night we headed for the local village. There are 3 bars in the village each with their unique character. I note I talk of one mainly because we spend most of our time out socialising in there. On this particular night, we went to the bar that doubles up as a newsagent too. The … [Read more…]

Let me eat cake!

We are back from another evening in the bar and I have decided I must start to capture things as they happen. There are so many great times and they pile on top of each other and I don’t want to forget a single moment. Today we were in the bar early and started with … [Read more…]