A cheerier post

Well I am over my little meltdown on this blog and all over Facebook. I suspect with the house move and car issues I had bottled my grief over my brother up too much and it all came out at once. That is not to say that I think my husband is blameless in all … [Read more…]

French dream?

So it was all going so well and I should have known better. The husband had a car crash which he still cannot explain as there were no other people or cars involved. This is in the car that he blew the majority of his pension not that long ago in real terms. And in … [Read more…]

French reasons to be cheerful

Here are my French reasons to be cheerful. I am sitting here whilst the children play and my beloved snores! We have had a gentle week as the car was poorly and could not be fixed until Friday. It is now better which is good if expensive news. So I guess that is my first … [Read more…]

It is time to get organised in France

It is time to get organised as it seems pretty clear that we will be staying in France. I guess although I have continued working, I have been busy enjoying things rather than getting on with the more practical aspects. With the new house sorted, there are things to sort so we get officially resident … [Read more…]

New house in France

We have news about the new house in France. All the legal stuff is sorted and we will be moving in September. I am over the moon! The house is ridiculously idyllic set away from the road with huge grounds and a forest! It has lots of bedrooms and 2 staircases including a spiral one. … [Read more…]