Ayup lad and Yorkshire talk

You have guessed it – we are in the bar again! We do not live here I promise and spend most of our time away from it but it is a joy when we are there.

Very early in our time here we met a bloke who my husband refers to as “Ayup lad”. He is convinced the guy once said this to him and this seems borderline impossible to me. The nickname has stuck between us never to be shared with the man himself whose name we now know.

We sit listening to music. The music centre arrived a few days ago and there are countless LPS to choose from. The patron has told us that if we come on Friday night there will be a disco ball and if we wish we can dance. I can’t see this happening but then again I did not predict the horizontal can-can or the singing of Like a Virgin with Geri Halliwell. I have either found hidden depths or sunk to them since arriving here.

It is a quiet night in the bar with AyUp Lad reading his paper and few other customers. After a while my husband gets into conversation with AyUp lad who has reasonable English so speaks to us in a mix of French and English. As my husband starts to struggle with the French, I move my chair closer so I can assist. AyUp lad drops something and in his usual would-be super-hero style my husband makes a huge fuss trying to find it for his new friend. AyUp lad says “Don’t Worry!” At which point I laugh and say “Be happy”” It’s not the funniest comment in the world but AyUp lad chuckles as if it is. It reminds me of the time I was at a blogging conference and made a comment and the whole room burst out laughing in recognition. There is something so wonderful when someone finds you funny. I resolve right there to make AyUp laugh again in our time here.

AyUp lad tells us he talks to people a lot as this is how he learns and he loves to know new things. He smiles at how English women think it is “bizarre” when French men kiss them on meeting. He explains we live in a poorer community so people stick together and help each other out just giving each other a call if they have a problem knowing that neighbours will be more than happy to help. My husband feels he needs to give an example so says “So if we need a plumber …” Or course AyUp confirms he would help. I then say “So if I ask for a thousand Euros …” Again, he chuckles and backs off saying “Non” wagging his finger at me.

He tells us he visited the UK with his parents when he was younger covering England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland within a week as they wanted him to have a taste of each. What great parents!

We move on to talking about Yorkshire and explaining about how big it is with different areas with quite notable differences. Like a lot of people here, he has heard of Leeds if only through football fame. We talk about the countryside and coast of North Yorkshire. We struggle a lot when we try to describe the steel industry for Sheffield with me eventually resorting to going on about knives, forks and spoons. Then we cover the textile industry of West Yorkshire.

Madame has arrived with her little dog and lights start to be turned off. She has no need to be subtle and we leave the pub agreeing that we will tell him all about York another day. He does a Peter Kay like impression of telephone reiterating that if we need help to call.

I half expected a plumber to turn up the next day!

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