Back to the Crazy Bar

The trouble with these bars is that the atmosphere and the characters are so very seductive. You really do feel if you don’t go you will be missing something.

So we found ourselves back at the Crazy Bar with a roomful of folks who are rapidly becoming friends.

Unusually some teenagers arrived in a group apparently to watch the football on the telly. They were courted by the landlord with snacks delivered along with their drinks.

I found myself sitting at the bar between AyUp lad and my husband. The landlord sometimes has too much to drink and this was one of those nights. He served me a glass of wine and ended up tipping it all over me. My trousers were drenched and it really did look like I had wet myself. What is it about this place that I could so easily laugh this off and sit in that state rather than dashing home? I made various jokes about Tena Lady and the like that seemed to go down well enough.

There were a few pool games with the white ball bouncing all over the place as folks had more to drink. There don’t seem to be many skilled pool players in our village but there is plenty of enthusiasm. Often games will take place in doubles and with much conversation and guidance on angles between each shot so it takes a while.

The landlord approached me with some chocolate truffles and AyUp lad leaned over and said “tentation”.

I am different here. I sit at the bar a lot. I am not nervous of the men. I smile and laugh a lot.

C’est la vie and it is a good one!


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