Bars in France and erratic opening hours

Bars in France have a charm all of their own but one of the frustrations is their erratic opening hours.

We have found it impossible to find bars in France that opens after 8pm which is an issue when my husband works until 9.30pm most nights.

Last night was different and we were able to set off at just after half past seven in the hope we might find an open all hours type place. It was not a strong hope but it was there all the same.

We drove through beautiful countryside with the lovely bales of hay and deserted roads. We still actively enjoy things like the huge churches and crosses even though I am sure we will soon come to take these a little for granted.

I spotted a bar that looked as if it might be open and had a small group of men outside it. We were in luck and the landlord spoke good English which was probably a good thing as most of his customers were English and regulars by the sound of things. We sat outside wondering whether we should take a pizza from the pizza van home with us. We had a couple of drinks and chatted to some of the other customers, one of whom wanted to inspect our Jaguar on the inside and a woman who told us in no uncertain terms that the Jag was not to her taste. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I do not offer up clever one-liners to blokes against women as I naturally always back the woman. This woman was OK but a bit loud, probably a bit drunk and borderline offensive making comments about the French in a negative fashion which I do not like. I think I scored Brownie points by sharing a clever retort or two with the male customers.

I was amazed to see my husband hand over the keys to the Jag so freely but he seems far more relaxed about everything out here.

We had a great evening with a lot of laughter and banter.

The landlord looked like Grant Mitchell and was embarrassed about his standard of English which was just about perfect and far better than our French. He made us feel very welcome and the bar had a resident dog which always is my preference at home or abroad.

Although we do want to integrate, I think we both enjoyed an evening of not having to worry about our language skills. We bought pizzas including a wonderful 6 cheese one from the van at really affordable prices too and far better than any Dominos effort.

We lit a fire in the wood burner when we returned home and I ended up staying up until 4am reading blogs and catching up with social media stuff.

Can you recommend any good bars in France preferably in Brittany or the other nearby counties?

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  1. I read this totally envying it, it sounds like a lovely night, the loud lady aside. sometimes nights like these are exactly what the Dr ordered and that pizza sounds delicious too! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  2. Laura @ Dot Makes 4

    It sounded like a lovely night. I don’t think I would’ve handed over the keys to a jag so readily though!


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