Bowling postponed

We have been promising ourselves we will go bowling in the big town ever since we arrived in France but it has not happened yet.

Saturday was the day we decided it would definitely go ahead and set off positively. I had a little concern as my son had not slept well and was clearly tired. Experienced parents know that tired children do not often make for great days out.

I asked him if we should postpone the trip and he said no. We went for lunch at place that sold takeaway style paninis. We asked for things without mustard but that was not available at which we worked out that these were pre prepared sarnies. We changed our order and everyone was happy with me and Himself going for something called an American that actually was like Spag Bol in a Panini and super tasty. My daughter had Nutella and my son had ham and cheese.

It was bit showery and my son had the sense to put us at a table under a huge canopy so we stayed dry when it did drizzle a bit. The children had a play at the play area and then my son admitted that actually he was not up to bowling so we returned home for a gentle afternoon.

I know you, dear reader, don’t need to know what we ate or where we went but I want to capture as much of our new life as I can before I forget it all as good days seem to follow good days.

It is good and new to expect good things rather than fear one bit of bad news after another.

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