A calmer night at the bar

I have been working very hard leading to a fair amount of stress and fatigue so tonight it was nice to get back to the bar with deadlines met.

The bar was relatively quiet although all the tables were full with council workers in for their tea and other customers who we do not know well.

The landlord served our drinks with his usual “Ca va?” greeting and handshake.

I am not a woman who tends to sit at the bar but was happy enough to do so tonight.

We handed over an English jigsaw that we had picked up at the vide grenier at the weekend. It is a traditional English scene probably from the fifties with a tea shop, vintage car and happy retro family at play. The landlord said he should pay us for it and we explained this was not OK. The welcome from this village is of such high value. We do not need to be reimbursed for a jigsaw. The landlord explains the picture will not be provided and the jigsaw will go on the relevant table tomorrow. Him Indoors has taken a sneaky pic for his phone.

AyUp lad comes in leaning over to me for his usual kisses and then feigning that he has a bad back. The tall guy with the pony tail arrives and I kiss him as I know I upset him a little when I don’t. Can-can man is in and practising his English with us. We buy drinks for him and he buys them back for us.

There is a new man in the bar probably in his early thirties and taking on DJ duties. He keeps saying the music is “shit” and scratches the records. The kindly landlord gets wound up but never gets cross so just keeps saying “Attention”” as if that is likely to work.

Kisses keep coming my way. It is difficult to know the rules as complete strangers kiss me and then some known people don’t. There are no women at all in the bar tonight except myself even though the pizza van is outside which usually draws people to the bars.

I feel unusually nervous but that passes when we sit at a table and the wine flows. I quite enjoy a calmer night although have to admit to loving our wild ones too. I smile as a woman does arrive and plays with a wooden jigsaw type game whilst the DJ has now moved on to a Rubix cube which appears from goodness knows where.

The clientele start talking about cats which someone translates as “pussy” which inevitably sets me off giggling thinking of Mrs Slocombe and all that. I laugh as I say “there is a lot of pussy in Soho” eye-balling the landlord who showed me a plastic bag from Soho not that long ago. He smiles in that way he has trying to convince himself he has misheard.

We leave before closing time and are back in time to watch Emmerdale on plus one. We have managed to not turn left to the Crazy bar even though it is open.

Him Indoors heads to bed early and I won’t be long joining him. It feels like it should be the weekend after so much work already this week.

I have so much to catch up with news wise on this blog but there is time for that.

Spring is here although snow is on the ground and it is cold. Just about a year ago I was stressing whether we were doing the right thing and look at us now!

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