A calmer night at the bar

I have been working very hard leading to a fair amount of stress and fatigue so tonight it was nice to get back to the bar with deadlines met. The bar was relatively quiet although all the tables were full with council workers in for their tea and other customers who we do not know … [Read more…]

Fame at last

On one of our visits to our favourite bar, we walked in to see three or four people gathered around a table near the fireplace with their backs to us clearly engrossed in something. We were intrigued so headed over to find out what all the fuss was about. Imagine our surprise when it turned … [Read more…]

A balanced day

I find balance easier here but I still don’t have it totally sussed. Today I am celebrating an “almost got it right” type of day. It started with a lie-in after a good night’s sleep after troubles earlier in the week. We then headed for a small supermarket shop for essentials following by morning coffees … [Read more…]

Back to the Crazy Bar

The trouble with these bars is that the atmosphere and the characters are so very seductive. You really do feel if you don’t go you will be missing something. So we found ourselves back at the Crazy Bar with a roomful of folks who are rapidly becoming friends. Unusually some teenagers arrived in a group … [Read more…]

The Crazy Bar

It is only a few yards from one bar to another in our village so we arrived at the Crazy Bar where some of our new acquaintances were gathered and others arrived shortly afterwards. Ay Up lad seemed to be doing some form of acrobatics at one end of the bar. Cap man was shouting … [Read more…]

Our wildest night yet

We entered the bar and it was the busiest we have ever seen it. If it had been so full in England, I would have left immediately as people were really shoulder to shoulder and it is a very small bar. I reckon about 40 people had managed to get in there. Of course Didier … [Read more…]

Going to see the Mayor

We took up an invitation to go and see the Mayor as newcomers to the village. We did not know what to expect and I think we both felt quite daunted. Like so many community facilities here, the Mayoral building is impressive and modern. We waited outside and eventually people turned up to let us … [Read more…]