Cards, dice and virgins!

One night we headed for the local village. There are 3 bars in the village each with their unique character. I note I talk of one mainly because we spend most of our time out socialising in there. On this particular night, we went to the bar that doubles up as a newsagent too. The … [Read more…]

Let me eat cake!

We are back from another evening in the bar and I have decided I must start to capture things as they happen. There are so many great times and they pile on top of each other and I don’t want to forget a single moment. Today we were in the bar early and started with … [Read more…]

Light at the end of the Winter

OK, so we are not anywhere near the end of Winter really but this week it is lighter and a little warmer. Both these things are very welcome as the Winter here is harsh with pelting rain and freezing temperatures. It is nice not to have to use as many logs although we do need … [Read more…]

The Colombo fashion show

We don’t usually visit the bar on Wednesdays but today the inbox was boring on the whole. I napped in the afternoon with the joys of the bit before the menopause actually shows up. I fancied a change so as soon as Himself finished work, I got him in the car and pointed him towards … [Read more…]

Reasons to be cheerful in France

Reasons to be cheerful in France are easy to find. This week saw us finally commit completely to our new life as my husband returned to England to collect the last of our belongings from storage. Storage ends up proving expensive so we thought it was more sensible to just get the last of our … [Read more…]

Jigsaw time at the bar

In all my time in the UK I do not recall ever seeing a jigsaw in a pub. However, it our local bar or our favourite anyway as we have three bars in our village, jigsaws are part of the atmosphere. A table is laid out with a board and the customers work on a … [Read more…]

Buying a bin

Buying a bin is not the most exciting title for a blog post. However this post might show you how very different myself and my husband are when we approach things. Let it first be revealed that I hate kitchen bins with a passion. I just cannot get my head around why you would want … [Read more…]

Feeling less overwhelmed

I am feeling less overwhelmed which just goes to show that blogging it out is a very powerful thing to do. The sun shone today but I had already cheered up considerably. I can’t control the future and my children will make their own choices increasingly. My most successful sibling had only one O-Level to … [Read more…]

Feeling overwhelmed

I am feeling overwhelmed and I know that, however embarrassing, writing it down helps me process things. It’s a brand new year and I do have high hopes for 2018. I feel I can be more successful and that matters to me. Perhaps it should not do so at my age. Perhaps I should give … [Read more…]

Poorly in France

I am poorly in France and have felt grotty all day with runny nose, sore-ish throat and heavy head. I have tried to take it easier than usual but equally there is always stuff to do and I find it hard to switch off completely. I even managed to tolerate well over a hour of … [Read more…]