Fireworks poem by my daughter

Fireworks, fireworks! Shooting glittering pink Fireworks, fireworks! Catherine wheels whizzing round. Fireworks, fireworks Lots of colours Fireworks Fireworks Popping. Whee! Whoosh! Fireworks, fireworks! Rainings silver stars. Fireworks, fireworks! Banging as they get in the sky

Olympic poem

Here is a poem about the Olympics from my 8 year old daughter. Olympics happening here now. London 2012 now. Yellow is one of the ring colours. Miles to run on the tracks. People will come from everywhere! In the Stadium NOW! Come and cheer! So come along! Dated 2012

Favourite colours

A guest post from my 11 year old son describing his favourite colours. My favourite colour is white because you see it everywhere you go. Most paper is white. NASA’s shuttle and rockets are white. All these places have white and it is not noticed. My favourite reason is because the York Rose is white. … [Read more…]