Cheering myself up

I am not really down in the dumps but today’s rainy day has brought me down a bit. When it rains here it really rains! You don’t get showers or spitting. You go from fine to downpour in a millisecond.

Also our courtesy car was taken away yesterday as it is broken and they are blaming my husband so that will be another bill to pay. Cars! My Mum always used to say they eat money.

Anyway this is meant to be cheering me up so here goes.

1. Work is going really well with lots of new opportunities and a new group for bloggers too which is turning into a lovely little community.

2. I sleep so well here and our bed is huge so there are no duvet wars.

3. I have had some books through to review so that should get me back to reading and not just writing.

4. I have had some great times with my youngest son watching him on games. It means so much to him and I should build it into every day really.

5. My daughter’s glasses got fixed!

6. My teen had a bad fall down the spiral staircase but is handling it manfully. At least he looks stylish after a clothing delivery from England and although I chose the clothes, he loves them so that’s a win.

7. My husband is at least being apologetic for all the car troubles. He is making me some lovely meals too to fit in with my new healthy eating regime.

8. I held my ground with the organisation that shall not be named – not yet anyway and then how!

9. The dogs cause us amusement every day.

Next week I hope to report that I mobile in a car that works. Wish me luck!

Twin Mummy and Daddy
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  1. I love being inside when it’s pouring down outside. It’s only awful when you have to go out in it. I’m crossing my finger for your car to come back in perfect condition, and soon. Have a good weekend, xxx

  2. What a pain about the car, I think you’re quite a way from a town, aren’t you? I love the fact that you are getting good sleep now, I think that you can handle most things in life when well rested. Mich x

  3. It actually does change my outlook when I do a gratitude list, walk or anything to think of what I’m grateful for. Great about having some new books and time to read them I hope. #ThatFridayLinky

  4. As a child, when I woke up to rain, I always wanted to snuggle in the bed and not get up. It was fantasy to stay in bed on rainy days when I grew up. I’m still waiting to fulfill that fantasy. Sounds like a good week for you. #PoCoLo

  5. Hi Catherine, that’s the attitude! Focus on the positives! A good nights sleep always helps me to stay positive, when I am tired I tend to moan more. I hope you are milking it with your husband….Being happy in work and getting new opportunities is a huge positive. Enjoy those books too.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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