The Colombo fashion show

We don’t usually visit the bar on Wednesdays but today the inbox was boring on the whole. I napped in the afternoon with the joys of the bit before the menopause actually shows up. I fancied a change so as soon as Himself finished work, I got him in the car and pointed him towards the bar. You have to be quick off the mark as most bars shut at 8pm and we are very blessed that our favourite opens until 9pm.

We arrived to the magical bar that is so warm whatever the weather. Currently it is cold and wet so when you enter the bar it feels like a cuddle.

There were only about five or six customers all around the bar. We ordered our drinks or rather the patron told us what we were having as he knows us so well. I picked up my red wine and sat down near the bar. Of course, this vaguely offends as the patron likes to deliver our drinks to the table.

The fire in this place is always there and with one log or a few more sends out so much lovely heat and smells too.

There is only one other woman in the place and she is holding court. Women seem more valued here and have more freedom to be sassy. This suits me down to the ground. I feel free to be me.

There is also the man with the constantly amused eyes. We also have a stranger to us but he does seem well-known in the bar.

Drinks are served and today’s free refreshments are a biscuit or cracker type of affair.

We sit, we drink, we soak up the ambience.

Suddenly Madame arrives with her little dog. This is a signal that closing time is coming up. The patron puts on his coat and takes the dogs for a walk. The woman makes fun of his jacket. My husband says it is nice. The woman challenges my husband saying it is “‘orrible!”

Madame is meanwhile telling me that the sassy woman is pregnant and unmarried.

The patron returns and before we know it coats are produced and offered first to my husband and then to other male customers. The stranger clearly has charisma and starts modelling with gusto. One coat in particular really suits him – it is a cream corduroy jacket that really shows off his shoulders. Madame gives him a sailor’s hat to offer to the ensemble. We are in the middle of a French fashion show and we giggle when someone says the stranger looks like Columbo.

The stranger comes over and chats to us. We explain we have moved here from England. He offers a drink which my husband refuses. I do too but then I get that disappointed look and agree. As I do so, I work out he is using me a little to try to persuade Madame to stay open a little longer. He wins!

I can see Madame is torn between closing on time or continuing the fun. She often serves me a drink when she is technically closed.

The evening continues and we squeeze a full half hour extra out of Madame. She is concerned and we work out the gendarmes are around and she is worried. She goes out to check the village before letting us leave.

We return home delighted that we have found our place and home in France. I love how every time we leave the house there is laughter and life.

We have found a community where against all the odds we seem to fit in.

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