Daughter’s milestone happens in France

I want to talk about my daughter’s milestone today.

We returned to the lake at the weekend because it is beautiful and the food there is rather good. It was a glorious sunny day so we had high hopes of eating outside this time.

We had our food with my husband choosing ham and chips, myself a salad with lardons, eggs and potatoes. Crepes tend to be the favourite order for the children.

After the mal and whilst we were finishing our drinks, my 13 year old asked if she could go off on her own to the beach. The context to this and something I have not blogged about before is that she has never done any such thing. She always stays close wanting to be with one of us at all times. I have encouraged her to be more independent regarding going out and so on but I will never force those sort of issues with children. They do things in their own time.

So off my daughter went and sat on the beach playing in the sand on her own. My husband was fretting saying he could not see her but I could and somehow instinctively knew she would be OK anyway.

She stayed lost in her own little world for about 15 minutes and then returned full of smiles.

I did not make a fuss but I am so proud of her. My little girl is growing up at her own pace and in her own unique way and that is fine by me. I also take note that my daughter’s milestone took place in France where perhaps she, like her brother, feels that little bit safer.

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  1. Independence is a normal part of growing up and we each do it at a different time. Well done to your daughter taking that first step and sounding very comfortable in her decision. It looks like a lovely safe place to spend some time.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  2. This must have been very difficult. Even when we trust our children there are a whole load of demons to stress about. A brave decision and a lovely outcome. With my children 27 and 25 now, I have been through so many of these times. Well done for allowing your daughter to feel independent x

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