Drinking too much Muscat just like Mama used to do

Drinking too much Muscat last night led to me waking with a raging thirst in the early hours of this morning. Unsure of whether I would get back to sleep easily or not, I went downstairs raiding the children’s supplies of Oragina with enthusiasm. I settled down on one of the lovely red leather sofas and tried to sleep. Surprising cold despite our wood burner entertainment of the night before, I headed upstairs for a sleeping bag. Just as I was getting comfy, my teenage son came down asking if I was not able to sleep. We had a little chat and then I advised him to go to bed clearly cutting off his all too obvious attempts to raid the fridge in his valiant attempt to taste every variety of French cheese within 24 hours.

I was woken by my husband a few hours later who made me a coffee and we discussed the plans for the day ahead whilst sitting in the garden. Our Beagle wandered around including up and down the steps to the balcony area.

We set off to the boulangerie in the village going mad as usual as we are still very much in holiday mode. My French is better than my husband’s and I ordered pain aux chocolats, croissants and apple turnovers (or slippers!) confidently. My husband added various practical items to our shopping for the morning which were so boring that I cannot even remember what they were. It’s all about the food for me in France as the weighing scales can confirm. Holiday mode I tell myself – the healthy eating plan can start next week.

After an incident with our Beagle and my daughter’s new shoes, my husband wants to buy some glue and we do not know the word for that in French. We have dictionaries everywhere so soon find out we are looking for “colle”. We attempt to find a Mr Bricolage without success and head for a supermarket where we find the bricolage aisle and what we are looking for easily. My husband stands transfixed by all the goods on offer so I drag him away to look at more foodie delights. We must be settling in as today our bill is small and our basket is not over-flowing. Although I love this relaxed air about spending, it is only right that we should rein it in at some point.

Lunch time means my husband has to get ready for his first day back at work and the unusual situation where he is working out of the back bedroom of a woman we only met 3 days ago. I go with him briefly to do some outstanding work of my own leaving my teen to entertain the younger two children.

My husband kindly walks me the 2 minute walk to our house using the short cut through the church yard to cut out some steep hills. I smile to myself when I realise he had actually forgotten his cigarettes – romance is alive and well as ever!

I spend the afternoon snoozing. All the stress of the last few months must have built up as I am sleeping a lot. The children have various games and my son keeps reading the French dictionary of his own accord which pleases me. All the children are making their initial forays into trying French when out and about.

So now you find me blogging whilst waiting for my husband to finish work. The time difference means it is well into the evening when he finishes but I am hoping we might have a little drive out as there is a forest nearby I would like to check out and we still have light till really late here.

In the end, we walked the dog to meet my husband from work meeting a dog on its own who myself and my son instantly want to adopt. We enjoyed a leisurely dinner. We now eat at the table and converse rather than living in our own little silos. My husband and I take to the balcony to make plans for the next day including breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. We have worked out that to avoid bankruptcy, we probably need to make a list rather than just buying everything in the supermarket that is new to us.

A DVD, some reading and blogging and the discovery of strawberry yoghurt that looks just like tomato ketchup and our day once again comes to a happy close without me drinking too much Muscat this time,


Cuddle Fairy

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