Etel and beyond on a rainy day in France

I love that with our new attitude to life, a rainy day in France does not stop us going out to explore our new country.

Rainy Day In France

We woke late, managed to get to the village bakery on time, indulged on croissants and pains au chocolats and then set off hoping to attend a fete at a town that was new to us. The skies were grey and bleak but I kept saying that the sun was just behind the clouds and would come out soon.

It is superb here at the moment as everything is new to us so there is always something to see and to ooh or ahh about.

The worst part of the day was hitting some buy roads. You don’t get jams as such here but if there are more than a few cars, it is a shock as we spend so much time on country roads.

We arrived at the town to find the fete cancelled because of the weather or maybe we were just in the wrong location. I saw a sign for a grotto for Lourdes and sent my husband off to investigate a sign in a field convinced a miraculous site was there even though I knew the real Lourdes is in the South of France very almost in Spain. It turned out to be a sewage works! I still think it worked a miracle as my daughter has had a bad leg and suddenly woke up from a snooze saying she was cured.

We headed for the coast which is a regular strategy on Sundays as we know we have more chance of finding life and open shops where the tourists go. We came to Etel which was so misty it was almost sinister and at first we could find very few signs of life. We walked until we found what seemed to be the main street which was full of eateries and also stalls selling antiques and bric-a-brac. Since all the decluttering before our relocation, I am very good now as seeing something that is pretty and knowing that I do not have to own it. I was particular impressed with some huge brushes, a tiny rocking horse, a figurine of a lady and best of all an old school desk with lots of drawers and compartments.

We found a restaurant that also had a takeaway section and gobbled up sausages with chips with my daughter selecting a chicken salad wrap in a galette.

It was another simple day but these are the type we enjoy and we have nothing to prove and nobody to impress.

So what do you choose to do on a rainy in France?

What Katy Said


  1. I think I’ going to adopt that phrase – we have nothing to prove and nobody to impress. Love it. Could you one day lease write about the language situation please? Do you all speak French or not? Thanks.

    • Catherine

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Glad you like that way of thinking and the phrase – I think we need to remind ourselves of this truth a lot in the mad world we live in with blogging and social media adding to the crazy mix. Yes, I will do something about language for sure and thanks for the suggestion.

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