Fame at last

On one of our visits to our favourite bar, we walked in to see three or four people gathered around a table near the fireplace with their backs to us clearly engrossed in something.

We were intrigued so headed over to find out what all the fuss was about. Imagine our surprise when it turned out we were the talking point as our picture was in the paper after our visit to the Mayor to be welcomed as newish residents in the village.

There was much ribbing with accusations that we were posing in the picture like models. Well I may have remembered all that blogger advice about keeping your head high to avoid quadruple chins. Why had I worn such a bright red jacket with purple trousers? Everyone else seemed to be in dark clothing so I really stood out especially on the front row and looked enormous. Him Indoors looked grumpy but then he even managed that on some of our wedding photos.

As people arrived, the paper would come out again and more laughter would follow. The woman who helps Madame sometimes said it was “wonderful” that we have chosen to live here. The landlord said if it was OK he would put the picture in his folder where he keeps the key moments of history in the life of the village. He then brought a spare copy of the paper as a “souvenir” for us.

When a certain character arrived, I held the newspaper behind my back and made him beg to see it. Again more laughter ensued.

It did not get any better at the other bar where we found ourselves already pinned up on the noticeboard with the Pirate landlord giggling as he teased my husband about our fame.

So much for keeping a low profile and it seems we are here to stay.

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