Feeling a little bruised

I am feeling a little bruised emotionally so thought I would blog it out.

We were in our favourite bar the other night. A relative of the owner was in and we have seen him twice before. He always goes on about my husband’s lack of French. We have seen him be really harsh with a dog he had with him. He always seems out for an argument to be honest.

This particular night he went for my teenage son asking if he spoke French and whether he was in school. My son answered politely saying he only spoke a little French and had finished school in England last year. The man said how did he think he would be able to go to discos etc. with such limited French. I smiled inside as I think my son has no interested in discos whatsoever.

The man continued to pick on us as the night went on. When my husband went to sit near a group including two women to find an ashtray, the man said that he had gone looking for sex from them. I said if that is what he was doing he was welcome to as far as I was concerned. When my husband returned a few minutes later, he told us that one of the women was a pole dancer and then started going on about sex toys. The landlord looked very perturbed so I tried to keep the peace for his sake.

There was the usual big basket of nuts on the table and the man was eating cracking shells all over the place. He asked where we lived and when we explained he said we must keep goats. He did not like it when we explained that we did not.

Then he started to speak a few English phrases suggesting we were posh I think. By now some of our new-found acquaintances/friends were starting to challenge him a little I think telling him to be quiet or cool it. He pointed to the nuts and referred to them as “coconuts”. He has made a mistake so I cupped my boobs and shook them up and down just to shut him up. A man standing at the bar looked as if this was the best response ever and proceeded to tell everyone in the pub what I had done. I got much thumbs upping. Bully boy just glared at which point one of my favourite guys in the pub when up and went for him smashing dog biscuits in front of him on the table. He then left and the bully boy was not long leaving after that.

I should not feel as bad as I do about this incident. It is just that this bar was the first to take us to its heart and we see it as a home from home, I also did not like seeing my son picked on. It is difficult to handle because I do not want to be rude or upset the locals and of course the issue is complicated as the man is a relation of the owners. Fortunately, he is not in there very often probably ever 6 weeks ago.

As I say, it has left me feeling bruised and also questioning whether the local people are our friends at all. That is a shame and my husband insisted on taking me into the village again today where we were greeted in the usual way in one of the other bars as we had coffee.

My husband says there are bullies everywhere and to rise above it. I am sure I will but this issues saddens me and I hope we do not meet again.

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  1. This was immensely interesting. Boob juggling. “Coconuts.” The obnoxious man. Pole dancers. Ha! Wow. I hope you are having a better time and not worrying too much about that one day.

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