Finding our own pace in France

My husband slept late this morning. It is wonderful how we all find our own pace in our new life and that our mornings can be lazy. He was guilty for getting up so late but I had enjoyed a quiet morning getting little jobs done but mainly listening to my beloved bells and birdsong.

As he was heading back to the UK, he was keen to do a supermarket shop to ensure we had enough provisions whilst he was away. My teenage son made a huge list or really a stream of consciousness which really equated to wanting ice-cream and carbs.

I watch my husband in the supermarket and see how he is feeling safer to be on his own and to use franglais and body language to make himself understood. We find everyone here is full of goodwill so we are starting to expect good reactions which make us both braver.

When we returned home, my daughter said she wanted to go on a country drive. I note how we agree rather than saying we don’t have the time. Off we trot to the big town with the beautiful chateau where we take a walk in the bright sunshine. We look in the river seeing fish darting around and the brightest blue dragonflies.

We need refreshment so call at the bar buying Connexions which appears to be a national newspaper about France but in English. We also find an English language lifestyle magazine about our area. Finally we pick up some crafting magazines which my daughter devours learning French as she goes. We also have a food magazine for my would-be Little Chef son too. All 3 children are trying to learn French without any pushing from us as we are still in holiday mode. Leave a child time and space and they will learn and seek out new knowledge.

As my husband buys the magazines, he gives another customer a Gallic shrug. The man smiles in my direction and I look at my husband and give the thumbs down sign and the man chuckles.

We walk back beside the river checking out the menu at a restaurant and promising we will have a meal there soon.

All too soon, it is time for my husband to head for the ferry to England. It feels all wrong to disrupt our time here at all but he has things to achieve over there including collecting some of our belongings which we need here now.

We have a quiet evening as the boys have developed colds and it is still so very hot.


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