First day in France – the adventure begins!

I had not known quite what to expect from our first day in France but here is what happened.

My first night’s sleep in France was superb despite the extreme heat and the fact we have a much smaller bed here. The bedding was clean and crisp and I did not use a duvet as it was just too warm to do so. I had pulled the curtain across the window earlier which I think helped along with the homely feel of the house. I have always found old houses reassuring as they have stood the test of time and you can just feel the spirits of all the people who have lived and loved there before.

I woke to find my husband missing. Now when you have been left by a bloke without warning before, I think it is natural that a missing husband sends you into mild panic. This was of course made worse by the fact we were in a new country supposedly starting a new life. Try as I might to tell myself he had probably gone in search of breakfast, I found it hard to relax until I heard the car drawing up across the road.

It turns out my husband had had an adventure he was not quite expecting. Fuelled with happiness from the night before, he had developed the romantic notion that he would go and acquire breakfast so he could give us all a pleasant surprise when we woke up.

He had headed to the boulangerie in the village on 3 occasions before working out that the sign said it was closed on Mondays.

Not to be defeated, he drove to the next village. He decided to acquire some milk first and tried a couple of places without success. He ended up in the bar where he said with great confidence in his schoolboy French “Je vendrais lait”. The patron was confused and shook his head. So my husband tried to explain that you put the desired item in coffee by saying “café au lait” at which point the patron indicated that my husband would like coffee with milk. “Non” clarified my husband “Lait!”. The patron smiled and told my husband to sit down. My husband was now beaming thinking how clever he was until the patron heated up some milk and delivered it in a cup to the table he was sitting at. Embarrassed my husband decided to enjoy the milk and head home calling at the boulangerie on the way so he did deliver something if not milk.

It’s not the funniest tale but it is no doubt one we will be dining out on for year to come.

It’s only our first day in France and so much has happened already.


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    • Catherine

      He did very well for a man who finds romance difficult. I was quietly very impressed. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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