French dog attacks us as we leave church

It felt odd waking up today without my husband in the house. I had planned to wake early but after a fitful night’s sleep bothered by heat and flies, I found it was almost midday by the time I headed downstairs.

I caught up with some UK politics with my children chipping in with their strong views. I still love how we are so much more together as a family now having some really good conversations.

It was so hot today but we had seen a huge banner for a medieval fete in our village so we headed out in the afternoon. There was a family looking at the local church but apart from that the village was utterly sleepy. Even the shop was shut frustratingly as it had a big sign outside promising Sunday treats.

We went inside the church for the first time which was lovely and cool. The church took our breath away with so many beautiful statues and a lot of theatrical décor. You are always a Catholic however long ago it is since you went to mass and it was good to be reminded that in a crisis you can always ask for prayers to be offered up or light a candle. I picked up a leaflet on mass times and was pleased that my son had enjoyed the visit.

As we came out we spotted a huge dog outside the shop. It looked like a Great Dane and my husband loves that breed so we were pleased we would have something interesting to share with him on his return. As we got closer to the dog, we realised it seemed even bigger than a Dane with huge black feet. We assumed it would be friendly but it ran at us barking and something told us to run for our lives which is not like us as we are dog-lovers. Out came a woman telling off the dog and then the baker came out with his huge naked tummy flapping around. We did not hang about to exchange pleasantries and raced home to safety.

We had a gentle afternoon as it was too hot to attempt anything else really. I am surprised at home much I have missed my husband. It feels all wrong for him to in the UK when we don’t want to be there anymore. I will be pleased to see his face in the morning and have relished his texts today.

I need to try and get over this nagging headache and get an early night as Orange are due in the morning to work Internet magic.

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  1. That’s a scary morning. It’s been a long time since I was chased by a dog. It’s my understanding that you have recently moved to France from the UK? That sounds exciting. We were recently on a trip to israel, sitting at a table full of French tourists. They couldn’t understand a word we said, and we couldn’t understand them, but then, I’m sure your French is much better than ours.

    • Catherine

      Thanks April for reading and commenting. My French is good in terms of reading it and I have enough to get by speaking although conversations are still challenging.

  2. A loose dog can be a frightful experience and thankfully it got sorted out. Or at least you escaped unscathed. I’ll never understand why bakeries close on a Sunday, don’t they know that’s the day when baked goods taste the best.

  3. I’m not keen on dogs myself as you never know how they’ll behave and they make a bee line for me! Most recently a puppy came bounding up to us and knocked over my eldest. #mmbc

  4. Hi Catherine, whilst I envy you for managing to sleep until almost midday, but I don’t envy you your fitful nights’ sleep. I am a dog lover but hate it when I see a loose dog with no owner in sight, which sadly happens too often. I hope your husband had a safe journey back.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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