French forests and frustrations

French forests are common in our particular area and one is particularly close to our village so I suggested a trip out to investigate last night. It was a short drive and looked like a very ancient and beautiful place.

We stopped at a gate and set off down a path but were worried by signs telling us the place was private. As we decided to turn back to the car, we saw a sign about the line of a man’s head and I had visions of us getting shot in hunting season. Years ago I watched a film with my Mum about a holiday home in France that turned their guests into pate which won awards. In the village shop, we noticed pate purporting to be made out of heads!

Today we consulted the expat oracle who told us to beware as we may well get shot if we are there at the wrong time and that we should watch out for ticks which are dangerous to dogs.

It was an adventure in any event and lovely to get out as day turns to night in such beautiful natural surroundings.

We ate well on our return and watched a DVD which is becoming a little routine before bed. Apparently, at some point I kicked my husband out of bed! I must have done it in my sleep as I have no recollection of this.

This morning, I had a telephone call with work who are drawing up a new contract for me and getting their knickers in a twist about tax, travel and legalities generally. It is going to take time but I am here now so I think things will speed up quickly. It is 7 months since I asked about moving to France. My husband asked about 2 months ago and it was all sorted for him. Ah well, things are progressing and I must try to be patient.

We did a big supermarket shop but with a list this time so we don’t have to go to the supermarket every day and also to keep costs down to reasonable levels. It would be so easy to spend loads here even though stuff is cheap because it is so gorgeous too. I very almost pinched a pizza cutter by accident but a gentle “Madame!” from the cashier and all was resolved.

I returned home for a quite afternoon catching up on English day telly and realising that is will certainly play less of a part in my life here because I can now look at it with an objective eye. I caught up with household tasks and murdered a few flies! I then enjoyed some homemade chicken soup which was yummy and wholesome if I do say so myself.

It is far too hot for me today but the sunshine is good and the house has thick walls so it is cool enough in there.

The future is bright and hopefully Orange on Monday.

Have you had any frustrations on your move to France?

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