French reasons to be cheerful

Here are my French reasons to be cheerful.

I am sitting here whilst the children play and my beloved snores!

We have had a gentle week as the car was poorly and could not be fixed until Friday. It is now better which is good if expensive news. So I guess that is my first reason to be cheerful as cars are a necessary evil especially when we want to explore our new country.

My teen son reports that he is feeling relaxed which after so much illness and stress of exams if a very good thing although I do hope he leaps into life before he reaches 40!

My daughter is her usual creative self and I have suddenly worked out that she could help with the areas of blogging that I struggle with such as coding, art and design. She shared some of her stories with me the other day so that is a good as shows she is developing in self-confidence.

My tween son is full of life and comedy although with increased sibling rivalry and a few angry moods, I sense puberty is on the horizon.

We may have adopted a new dog. He was found running wild on Bastille night and nobody can find who owns him. Just like my late Mum would, I have seen this as a sign he is ours combined with the fact that I had my first wobbly night in France on Bastille Night. I know this is madness on some level. He is a state with scars on his face and he is under weight. He is so loving though and looks up at you in an almost human fashion. The people who found and looked after him say they will have him back if it does not work out.

My other HUGE reason to be cheerful is that I am finally learning how to blog properly with all the bells and whistles over on my other blog. I want to monetise it properly so it needs to have the things I never bothered about on it and to develop its own niche. I know where I want it to go but with more than 1000 posts to put right, I am working into the early hours to get is sorted. However, it is great to be challenged and to use my brain.

My yearly appraisal happened this week at work and was disappointing as I expected it would be not in terms of my work but in terms of being expected to be more the extrovert and inn terms of them lacking a strategy for my role. I could develop one for them but I think they just want it to tick along which of course bores me rigid as if I am not changing the world, what is the point?

So a gentle week with a new dog and masses of learning.


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