George Michael and all that

I have just watched the George Michael documentary which was such a mix of inspirational, thought-provoking and heart-breaking.

Such an articulate man yes in lyrics but also in interviews. Lovely how we all knew a bit of his generosity to others in his lifetime but so much more so since his passing.

He made me want to be as good as he is in terms of writing and to be as brave in terms of opening up and sharing the good and the bad.

He taps into so much of what so many of us go through. He obviously knew grief and imagine losing a loved life partner as such a young age and then a beloved mum so shortly thereafter. I think this double loss explained so much of what went wrong in his life afterwards. I have had clients who had virtual life collapse after multiple bereavement. Let’s face it one is hard enough.

It made me reflect as I often do now I am in my dotage that none of us ever get it all.

For me, I reflect that I had a brilliant education and the finest of times at Cambridge. I am proud of the work I have done and the difference I have made to some people along the way. I have 3 amazing children – so bright, sensitive, caring and I suspect individuals who will kick ass if necessary when they leave the family home and embark on their independent adventures.

And please don’t worry because I am not in self-pity mode at all and feel quite content but I guess the thing I did not get was what I would term real love. Someone who was prepared to commit 100 per cent to me. I am no longer prepared to say I am some worthless individual because of this harsh fact of my life. Some of us have love that lasts a lifetime, some have it for a very short time as in the case of George Michael and some of us don’t get it at all. But it is not even that simple because how can I know that there is not someone out there who thinks I am pretty special too.

After all, you’ve gotta have faith!!!

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  1. I haven’t watched the documentary yet but plan to tonight. He was such an inspirational man both in song and in life.He lived not far from me and even now, there are still flowers outside his house and people coming from all over the world to pay their respects. He touched so many people.

  2. There’s nothing like a documentary about a beloved star to get us in the reflective mood is there. I’m glad to hear that you are happy, and yes, most definitely have faith as George Michael said. Because around the corner your ‘one’ could be waiting for you. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam 🙂

  3. There’s someone out there for us all who’s pretty special and knowing your self-worth just adds to that. Sounds like I might have to watch that docu on catch-up! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with #sharethejoylinky

  4. I haven’t seen the documentary, but it sounds like a lovely, inspirational watch. It sounds like it’s really put you in a positive reflective mood, and if it’s helped you put a positive spin on something so negatively impacting your life, that sounds amazing! And here’s to being somebody out there’s special someone!! X

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