Going to see the Mayor

We took up an invitation to go and see the Mayor as newcomers to the village. We did not know what to expect and I think we both felt quite daunted. Like so many community facilities here, the Mayoral building is impressive and modern. We waited outside and eventually people turned up to let us in. Probably about thirty new residents turned up mainly older than me with just one young couple with a toddler and a couple of younger men too.

A few councillor type people were there and the Mayor made an arrival later. The format of the evening was to sit and listen which we did picking up what we could about the activities and services. There was a big emphasis on things for young people and sports. My husband was quite impressive when they asked all the new residents to make introductions. I thought I would do it but joked that he should so he did in French which was pretty good as he is the “only Anglais in the village”.

The local journalist said we were to have a photograph taken as the new residents for this year so the group all got together and I was ushered to the front in my bright red leather jacket. I tried to smile and look nice – time will tell when we get the newspaper and no doubt the quadruple chin will feature.

Wine and canapés were available afterwards but with such early opening times,I persuaded my husband we should head straight to the bar. In a way I think we should have stayed and mingled but on the other hand, considering what happened in the bar later I am glad we left and joined in the madness.


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