Happy day in France

After a questioning everything day on Wednesday, I set out to make Thursday a great day.

I work to a gloriously sunny morning which always helps especially when there are no people or cars flying past and you really could believe our new house and grounds are a planet all of their own.

We walked the dogs and then set off to the supermarket for a big shop because I had an unexpected financial windfall. After shopping, we had coffee together just my husband and I and I resisted all the tempting treats as my healthy eating continues apace.

It was lovely to be and to talk one on one. I think all couples need this time to reconnect.

We drove back through beautiful Autumn countryside and my husband started work.

I took it easy all day only doing essential work tasks and there were not many of them. It was great not to be treating the laptop as if it is another limb.

I watched telly and I went on several walks including one with my daughter and husband where we unexpectedly came across a big snake sunbathing. It was quite a shock and so much can scare my daughter but after an initial wobble, she had a word with herself and was particularly thrilled when I told her she could report back to the boys that she had seen something that they hadn’t.

I helped my teenage son cook some pancakes the like of which you have never seen before and did not stress that he did not do them in the way I would have. The boys enjoyed them together with their sister laughing away at the pine kitchen table with its bright red table-cloth. They have no stress here – it is wonderful.

I had some time in my son’s penthouse suite watching him on video games and admiring his new bedding that I had picked up at the supermarket. I asked him to look out of his window and when he saw the mist descending her said “Oh that is so beautiful!” He has such a soul on him my boy and I love that about him.

I was tired by the evening so was not late to bed but took a book with me which I have meant to start for some time.

It really was the most lovely day.


  1. Great to celebrate the perfect days – reading your posts it does seem that the move is working for you all and I’m so glad. Especially as it must be encouraging others – including me – to remember that we always have choices about how we live our lives x

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