A new life in France and my resolutions

We are heading for a new life in France or at least we will be very soon. It is a time of new beginnings so a good time to reflect on what needs to change.

Time for a change or two

  • I refuse to accept that just about managing is OK in a family where both parents work so hard.
  • I intend to spend far more quality time with my family instead of constantly putting work too high up my agenda.
  • I  want to get hold of my health and fitness which has gone pear-shaped since I started dreaming a little dream of France just over a year ago.
  • I am looking forward to spending time in the kitchen cooking up a storm including my late Mum’s folder of recipes.
  • I will make our home education  journey even more magical and include my released from GCSEs teen in the mix.
  • I won’t be buying books and associated tat and will live with fewer possessions.
  • I resolve to start treating the men in my life a little kinder rather than always pushing away or looking for the witty and too often hurtful one-liner.
  • I promise to mouth less about injustice unless I am actively doing something to help.
  • I will be far more sociable and welcoming rather  than living in partly self-imposed isolation.
  • Through all this I will remember on Father’s Day and from hereon in what my lovely Dad always told me “Put your shoulders back and remember you are as good as anyone else, no better but just as good”.

Blogging for the joy of it

I  am looking forward to blogging for the joy of it on here without any agenda except just ensuring we are making and recording positive memories.

A new life in France

What else should I be setting in place for our new life in France?

What are your favourite things about the country?


  1. Good luck with your life in France. I have been living in Paris for almost two years and am about to return to London. If you want any advice drop me a line.

    But there’s an amazing Facebook group called Mums Space France – you can only join once you are in France. It’s a lifeline for many mums.

    If you are homeschooling then you might want to link up with Special Needs in France – it’s for Anglophones whose kids have additional needs.

    But enjoy the food – cheese, butter, bread, wine, croissants to die for. The food markets are amazing. I’ve got into cooking in a big way.

    The pace of life is more relaxed – even in the city!

    Oh but I do advise learning French.

    Good luck!!!!

  2. OO, which part of France are you heading for? I can’t wait to travel through France this summer with the kids, so lucky you! We have some good friends who emigrated there last year and they certainly seem to be doing a good job of getting their lifestyle in check so I’m pretty sure you’ll manage all the stuff on this list too! #kcacols

    • Catherine

      Hi Alex – I hope you have a great time when you get here. Good to hear of others making a go of it here too so thanks for that. So far so good despite inevitable teething troubles we are living our dream. Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment.

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