Our House in the middle of our street

Last night, Him Indoors popped to the local bar. He has little French but somehow with is bit of French and customers’ bit of English he manages to converse and is making acquaintances.

He was talking about his job and trying to explain that he worked from home so kept saying “Maison”. Apparently one of the French guys who can barely speak English at all suddenly said “Ah oui!” and then launched into a fine rendition of Madness’s “Our House” song. I wish I had been there to witness this.

The reason I won’t go out currently is that the courtesy car we have is leaking oil. If my husband wants to take the risk, that is his concern but it is not for me.

Today, the French garage where our own car is for repairs following the car crash a month ago, finally agreed to send a mechanic to look at it. He phoned me saying he could not find us. Now I can speak a little French but what I cannot do is explain where we are exactly as we do not have a street name and could reasonably be said to be in the middle of nowhere. I tried my best but he mechanic said it was “impossible”. Weirdly 10 minutes later he turned up and quickly declared the courtesy car to be “Merde!” and took it away so we are carless but the good news is our own car is ready so now we are trying to get someone to bring it to us.

Meanwhile all sorts is going on work-wise but that is a long post and for another day.

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