Jigsaw time at the bar

In all my time in the UK I do not recall ever seeing a jigsaw in a pub. However, it our local bar or our favourite anyway as we have three bars in our village, jigsaws are part of the atmosphere.

A table is laid out with a board and the customers work on a jigsaw together. It brings people together in such a simple way with everyone playing their part. Jokes are made, conversations are had and in our case we learn more French along the way.

Apparently when the jigsaw is completed the person to place the last piece gets a prize.

Tonight we visited the bar as Himself was on early shift. We did a supermarket trip and then called in. Myself and my younger son really applied ourselves to the jigsaw but we think Madame had hidden some of the edge pieces at least. This infuriated my son for a while but perhaps we were wrong or perhaps it is just part of the fun.

We were given cheese free of charge and enjoyed our drinks as we tried to do the outside edge and then started on the tigers.

Other customers smile as we work away. Some tell us it is very difficult. One man gets a strange implement out of his pockets which seem to have about 40 tools in them and measures the board saying if it is a thousand pieces we need to leave more space than we have for the edge. Clearly jigsaws are a very serious business.

When we try to pay, it is always difficult as we forget to keep a proper record of drinks and they won’t take money until you leave. We are still getting used to this as well as the fact that it is closing time at 9pm which is quite late compared with most bars here. Madame lets me stay a little longer as she can see how addicted to the jigsaw I am becoming. My son is reminded to bring his bottle back as he leaves with his local drink. Himself buys cigarettes from a vast range of short and long ones.

We return home still amazed how we are part of this lovely community after only just over 3 months. We have so much to thank these people for.


  1. What a lovely idea. The pub sounds delightful. It is funny but we bought our first jigsaw in years at the weekend and have left it on the table, I keep finding the kids putting in a piece here and there. It is obviously a very popular hobby! #MMBC

  2. Oh, this sounds so lovely! I love jigsaws but haven’t done a real one for years (only online, virtual ones). Doing one in a bar sounds even better! #MMBC

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