9 reasons to visit Lac au Duc in Brittany

The largest lake in Brittany was our destination on Saturday and I wanted to share some great reasons to visit Lau au Dic

There was much hilarity in the car about whether it was called that because it had loads of ducks. I love how there are so many opportunities once you are here to give a little French lesson as part of everyday life.

We could have taken a picnic although the weather was changeable so we opted to eat at the creperie/café so close to the water’s edge with beautiful views. We womanfully stayed outdoors but as our food arrived the rain started so we rushed inside with our wonderful waitress taking this all in her stride.

The menfolk opted for crepes with my youngest going with his usual ham. cheese and egg complete. My daughter went direct to pudding with a chocolate and Chantilly cream treat. I had my favourite Croque Madame with frites. We marvelled at the affordable prices and the great package deals themed on fishing, walking and the like. I need to get back to eating mussels but it is so long since I did that I have forgotten how to eat them.

We walked to the café from one picnic area but found out later there are different parking areas around the inland lake. We clambered over a stile, walked through a back garden and went down some steps with my daughter doing her usual “I am going to die” every time she hit a steep bit and my youngest son being her hero and taking her hand. It was lovely to take photos and to enjoy the scenery including the gorgeous hydrangeas.

After lunch we walked on the beach and it was so lovely to watch the children enjoying the great outdoors and not missing their screens one bit. My daughter planted an acorn and my son followed animal tracks. We arrived at the water sports school and decided a pedalo was in order for my husband and youngest son. My poor husband started getting into the boat like a pro only to stumble and fall in an ungraceful fashion. Did I giggle? What do you think?

The pedalo session was for half a hour but after 11 minutes my husband phoned me as they were both knackered. I took this as a sign we all need to get a lot fitter. They did keep going for the full half hour to be fair.

Reasons to visit Lac au Duc

  • It is the largest of Brittany’s numerous inland lakes at 250 hectares.
  • Walkers can choose a short stroll like the 3km hydrangea walk or try to tackle the 15kmm perimeter.
  • The lake was created by monks in the 12th century.
  • There are a variety of natural habits and wetlands so you might spy a deer, a frog or an otter.
  • Long-pole fishing is popular and you might catch black bass, pike or perch. Fishing lessons are available.
  • The mythical vouivre or marsh monster is their equivalent of our Loch Ness Monster and was killed by Armel the monk according to legend.
  • Keen cyclists like my son will enjoy this spot.
  • There is a challenging golf course.
  • You can try a range of water sports from windsurfing to water skiing, from kayaking to basketball canoeing.

What are your reasons for visiting Lac au Duc?

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  1. Lakes can be so much fun and it sounds like this one is well kitted out for a day visit with a cafe, boating and more. I did laugh at the pedalow incident, my kids love to do hire these when the opportunity comes along. We are thinking of a last minute cross channel trip over the holidays so I’ll keep this lake in mind.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  2. So many fab reasons to visit, and it does sound beautiful. Mind you, I would probably just go for the crepes! The sweet ones sound yummy. Lac au duc does sound like there should be ducks. Were there any? 🙂 #DreamTeam x

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