Meeting at Night by Robert Browning

Meeting at Night by Robert Browning was one of the poems we studied this week. My 11 year old son is currently delighting in poetry and I reckon that can be no bad thing.

We read the poem, discuss it and answer questions on it. Sometimes we have very different tastes on what we do and don’t like. Often we laugh because that has to be one of the real highlights of home education and often I am the naughtiest child in the class!

Meeting at Night by Robert Browning is not massively to my taste but then I am big fan of war poems and the like. My son seemed to like it well enough though and quickly worked out what it was all about. Inevitably I started messing about trying to impressions of startled waves and so on. My son likes to take it seriously so we got back on track.

We are learning to look at the structure of poems and to notice their rhyming pattern. My son was quick to identify this poem as a mirror pattern of ABCCBA.

We enjoyed spotting onomatopoeia where words sound like what they are trying to describe such as tap and scratch.

We could have probably focused more on the colours and textures used in the poem but again the great thing about home education is you can always pick up on things again another day.

I did a little of my own research afterwards and apparently I should have also mentioned the sense of movement in the poem more although we did talk about the journey by boat and on foot. Some analysis suggests this has sexuality at its core but for me I am afraid it was a short poem that I would not rush back to read again.

Having said that I am delighted that my 11 year old son is so keen to look at so many different poems by a diverse range of poets. A love of literacy will sustain him in the future I am sure.

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  1. I absolutely loved analysing literature and poems at school and there is so much behind the words, it’s great that your son is discovering a love of literature and its many forms. Thanks for linking up with #SmallStepsAA

  2. I actually don’t remember doing a lot of this at school. It sounds fascinating and your son is very lucky to have you cheering him on as he discovers the amazing world of the written word out there. Thank you for joining us for the #dreamteam xx

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