A month in France and our reasons to be cheerful

It is now a month since we came to France so a good time to reflect on our new life and whether it has lived up to our expectations and dreams.

Here are my resolutions written at the time we took the leap of faith with an update on how they are going.

•I refuse to accept that just about managing is OK in a family where both parents work so hard.

We are not wealthy but things are mainly cheaper here and food shopping and housing costs are two of the big ones that make a positive difference to our finances.

•I intend to spend far more quality time with my family instead of constantly putting work too high up my agenda.

We are loving being a team of 5 instead of 4 and not having school or work commutes is so relaxing. We get out and about a lot from full days out at the beach or lake to evening drives just because. We eat at the table far more allowing for great conversations and much laughter too.

•I want to get hold of my health and fitness which has gone pear-shaped since I started dreaming a little dream of France just over a year ago.

I put on half a stone within about a week but have now lost this again and I enjoyed the initial splurge on pastries, gateaux and cheeses. I am trying to steer clear of meat and booze most of the time. I have increased my fruit, vegetable and egg intake. I am certainly walking a lot more than I did back in the UK.

•I am looking forward to spending time in the kitchen cooking up a storm including my late Mum’s folder of recipes.

I have cooked up many a storm along with my would-be chef tween. I have my Mum’s recipes here but have not made any of them yet.

•I will make our home education journey even more magical and include my released from GCSEs teen in the mix.

To be honest, the children learn all the time and are feeling more comfortable with the French language for sure. This week we upped out game and have particularly enjoyed studies on space physics. I love doing structured work with the children because it reminds me that home education will not make them stupid and they recall a lot from school days plus they seek out knowledge themselves all the time.

•I won’t be buying books and associated tat and will live with fewer possessions.

I have bought 4 books and a dress in one month which is not bad for me. I have enjoyed not having all our stuff with us and realised that only family matters in the end not stuff.

•I resolve to start treating the men in my life a little kinder rather than always pushing away or looking for the witty and too often hurtful one-liner.

This is a work in progress but I am thrilled that myself and my husband are both treating each other better.

•I promise to mouth less about injustice unless I am actively doing something to help.

I am spending a lot of time just relaxing and the injustices of the UK seem a long way from my mind most of the time.

•I will be far more sociable and welcoming rather than living in partly self-imposed isolation.

I have reached out and attended an expat coffee morning and am a member of various expat online groups. I even went to a disco!

•Through all this I will remember on Father’s Day and from hereon in what my lovely Dad always told me “Put your shoulders back and remember you are as good as anyone else, no better but just as good”.

Amen to that!

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  1. I think about your point of putting family and people far above work all the time. So important to realize what really matters and put your time and energy there. Sounds wonderful. #PoCoLo

  2. And just as we’re leaving France (Paris!) you arrive. Bienvenu! The food is amazing here. I’ve had to learn restraint. Have a fantastic time! I’ll enjoy keeping up with the adventures! #thelistlinky

  3. Sounds like bliss. I hate that our lives revolve totally around work and our monthly pay. I’m now exhausted which has led me to start making changes. Good luck with your new journey 😀#HappyDaysLinky

  4. Oo taking a step to move big to France, I’m glad it’s working out for you and your family. I’m a massive advocate of eating as a family at the table and think my 2 year loves it, un-divided attention! #happydays

  5. Sounds like France is working out well for you and your family so far! Good on you for losing the half a stone again – I wouldn’t have, especially with the amazing French wine and desserts! Love your Dad’s saying at the end – that’s going in my diary! #DreamTeam

  6. I think it is amazing what you’re doing. I often dream of moving but then get too afraid to change the status quo, I think the main thing that stops me moving is the love I have for where my children attend school and the gorgeous friends they have. But in many many years I hope to move one they finish schooling. #dreamteam

  7. I can’t believe we both moved out at the same time! You sound like you are doing better than me! I can’t seem to find any online expat groups in my area. Well done you xx

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