Moody reasons to be cheerful

You find me in a foul mood and I know this is the very time to write a Reasons to be Cheerful post for therapeutic reasons.

So first what is making me unhappy? I have had a falling out with Himself largely because I am stressed due to two reasons. We are invited to see the Mayor tonight at a welcome to the village meeting and as I don’t know what to expect I feel anxious. I know I will be OK whatever happens and I know it is probably a very useful thing to attend to find out about clubs and so on for starters for ourselves and/or the children but I feel nervous especially as we have no clue if the Mayor speaks French and if he doesn’t all the communication will fall on me as I also try to merge into a wall.

The other stressor today or this week is the ex-employer who now want me to do freelance work for them for a couple of months. They said they wanted me to start this week with one day’s notice! Then they wanted a phone call so I said that was OK. Then they sent an invitation through some whizzy tool but they did not include my name on it so I did not receive it so hung around all day for a call. Then they admitted their mistake the next day and said I had a 40 minute window in which to call and by the time I got the email that 40 minute window had passed. So I said I would make myself available today and have only just had an email about this. I think this is so inefficient and also bad manners. So now I am fuming and not in a good state to make the call anyway. They have treated me badly in the past and now they act as if I should be at their beck and call. Frustrating!

Now on to the good stuff!

1. We have a sun room in this house and there is sun in it today. As you come downstairs the sun room is right opposite so the sun streams in and brings joy to the soul.

2. Animals are making me happy including lie-ins with my two dogs one under cover and one on top of the bedspread. Also my little Beagle had a bad leg this week so I got very worried but after a couple of days he is fine. As we travel to the village, we see a huge bird of prey type creature who swoops or sits on a two-pronged tree watching us make our way. There are birds tweeting in the grounds. We have reindeer around and about too and we will see more of them when the hunting season stops. Then we have two dogs in our favourite bar one tiny Chihuahua and one fat terrier. There is also a huge cat there. The crazy bar also has a terrier type dog which is like the bar itself a little mad.

3. Work is going really well apart from the issue above. I feel my blogging and writing is going from strength to strength.

4. I was worried when we did not see one of our favourite characters for 2 days but he turned up in the bar as usual yesterday. It made me realise how very fond I have become of some of our new acquaintances here.

5. We have found out what the jigsaw is now and it is nearly finished so we await the next one with baited breath.

6. We have had a couple of fun nights out with my teenage son playing bar games and pool.

7. We went to two jumble sales at the weekend. One was all baby stuff really so we left quickly but the other was amazing with some brilliant clothing for all age groups. My daughter bought a sparkly thing, jewel like and apparently a hook of some sort. I picked up some really good quality clothing for my tween son. We feasted on crepes, croques and cake at silly low prices.

8. The headphones we needed for the children arrived via Amazon and I had two very happy children.

9. Both my sons are now becoming more independent about cooking and getting meals for themselves which sometimes makes things that bit easier. My daughter has been doing this for ages because well women just get on with things right?

10. I always love my children but this week my heart has sung with love for them at certain moments. Seeing my tween skip down to the post box in sunshine so excited at a parcel was a joy. Hearing my daughter rant like a little mini-me during Question Time made me smile inwardly. Hugs with my teenage boy are great and it is often him who offers them too. I a ma very lucky lady.

11. I am finally getting my first hair cut in France tomorrow and I cannot wait. I don’t particularly enjoy going to have my hair done but it looks a total disgrace currently.

12. After a long silence, our gardener got in touch so we should be sorted for the grounds and some fencing shortly.

13. My husband has taken me on mini-dates several times this week and said I could have anything I wanted for Valentines and cooked one of his famous steak dinners.

Guess what? I just went and apologised to my husband. He said he does not like me taking stress out on him which is fair enough. He also said if the freelance work with those who should not be named is so angst-filled, I should tell them I don’t want the work and he will be absolutely fine with that.

Reasons to be cheerful and marriage guidance all in one!

It’s a wonderful like with one tiny black cloud that I can blow away any time I see fit.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week, apart from that work thing. Don’t let them push you around. I’m with your husband on this one. Be available if you want the work but have the attitude – you are inefficient and I’m certainly not going to stress about your inability to communicate. Take the moral high ground.

  2. Love your listing all the reasons to be cheerful when you’re stressed. A sunny room is one of my favorites and you can never go wrong with a little furry love. #MMBC

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