New phone and other happy things

Monday was the day I finally got round to buying a new phone after my other died on me for some reason on arrival in France. I had asked various folks for advice and was directed to supermarkets for an easy purchase of a phone and was told handsets tend to be cheaper in France than the UK.

In the end we went to a technology shop where we had bought our son his television. I spent a little more than I intended for a phone with better camera quality and because it was on special offer as the last one on display. I just got a sense this was the right phone for me. The shop assistant spoke perfect English and my husband did all the tech stuff as frankly I don’t even understand how electricity works never mind technology of the 21st century.

My daughter asked for a snack so I found myself asking for American thon whilst trying not to giggle. This delayed us so we only just made it back in time for my husband to start work. Normally this would have stressed him out but he seems far more relaxed since our move and took it in his stride.

In the afternoon, we took the children to the lake and play park but we did not stay long as the heat was too much for all of us.

We stayed indoors for the rest of the day but headed out for a lovely stroll in the evening with the dog giving me an opportunity to share some images of our new country on Instagram including the most beautiful sky complete with swallows that looked more like a painting than a photograph.

I am learning not much happening is OK and am enjoying such a relaxed way of life.

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  1. Sounds lovely and relaxing. My cousin lives in France and loves it there. My son also rode his bike from London to Paris over the weekend to raise money for charity. I can not wait to hear all about it. Thanks for sharing at The Wednesday blog hop.

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