No Woman No Cry – missing out on Reggae

No Woman No Cry is a famous Bob Marley song and was relevant on Friday.

There are so many guides to local events in Brittany and I had spied a reggae concert about 10 miles away. I love reggae as did my late Mum and my first album was a Bob Marley one which I seem to remember was £4.99 from Our Price in London somewhere.

My husband would admit that he can be a real stick in the mud but he has improved so much since we moved so I was hoping he would be up for the concert. He looked at me like I was joking and we ended up at the bar from the previous evening. Let me tell you – I was not happy at all!

You see this is where we differ. If my husband has had a great time somewhere he will want to go back and soon. I like lots of new and different experiences. So we sat in the same old bar doing the same old thing with largely the same old people. I fancied a drink but the landlord assumed I wanted cola as the night before. Eventually I ordered a cider but he had to go off to get a bottle from the shop.

My husband was now working out I was not joking about the reggae concert. He could have rescued the situation so easily but instead we stayed at the bar until it was too late to catch any of the concert.

In a conversation later that night, he admitted he had been unfair but how long will it be before a reggae concert is available again in rural France?

So I will say to myself “No Woman, No Cry” and keep my head up and move on positively because that’s the choice I can make and it works better.

So do you like reggae and are you a fan of No Woman No Cry?

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  1. The title has that song stuck in my head! Haha.
    We have a hard time deciding between trying new things and doing what we already know that we like.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Catherine

      I imagine it is a common issue in marriages and partnerships. Hope you like the song now I have fixed it in your head. Thanks Lexie for reading and leaving a comment.

  2. Aaah, what a shame you didn’t get to go! I once found a triple disc box set of Bob Marley cds really cheaply (while on holiday in France ironically!) and listened to it over and over!! Me and my husband are quite similar in that we like doing impulsive things-we usually don’t end up doing them though, due to childcare and work constraints…! At least we can console each other with a bottle of wine!
    Thanks for joining #bigpinklink!

  3. Hi Catherine, I’m not a huge fan of reggae, but I don’t mind a bit of Bob. What a shame you didn’t get to go to your concert, but I do like your positive attitude.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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