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What bargains have I found this week?

This lovely rich orange scarf brightens my drab look up on the school run. £2 from the charity shop.

This turquoise and haematite necklace cost just £1. You can tell by the clasp it is worth more than that. This is one of those things Dad leaves me in the charity shop from time to time to remind me that he is still watching over me. He bought me my first ring and it was turquoise.

On one of my shopping trips with my daughter, I saw a well-loved leather sofa in the charity shop. I left it a few days because I like to tease myself and let Fate decide. Nobody wanted it so I had to have it. Every time I was at home I was torturing myself on how I would hate it to go to somebody else. I kept trying to spin it to my husband that it was distressed but that was a great thing.

It reminds me of a sofa myself and my friend Paula used to sit on in Constitutional Law supervisions in the Eighties. As she is now a nun and I don’t get to see her very often, it is a bit of a comfort sofa all round. I do like a sofa that supports all your body – back, knees and arms. I also like it to be long enough to have sleeping on it potential. This sofa is squishy and distressed, somewhat like me you see.

The cuddly toys on it came in at £4 and were my adoption day present from my daughter.

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