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I attended Parents’ Evening at my son’s secondary school for the first time last week.

Overall, it was a positive experience. Regular readers will know how concerned I have been about my son’s education and the way that I just seem to have lost all sense of what he is learning and what is required of him.

Talking to all his subject teachers in turn made me feel better. It was clear so many cared about him a lot and also many recognised just how very bright he is. It is not easy to be super intelligent and it is probably not simple for teachers to manage either.

There have been problems with my son brought on I think by relocation, bereavement and a new school happening all at the same time. That would challenge an adult never mind an 11 year old boy. Teachers did mention those issues and asked for my support in saying that some behaviours were out of line which I gave wholeheartedly. All except one saw an improvement in recent months.

I am pleased that I have visited school prior to Parents’ Evening about my concerns and that help is being provided such as special pens and an Alpha Smart. I am saddened that you have to kick off to get these things but we are moving forwards.

We knew there was one teacher that my son does not like at all. Here is what that teacher had to say.

“He’s abysmal!”

“He’ll never be the world’s greatest writer”

“I would praise him if there was anything to praise”

He did not discuss my son’s current and target levels until I insisted that he do so. He did not say anything positive about my son until I pushed him to do so when he admitted that my son could listen well sometimes. Which is odd as he had told me that my son never listens and talks all through lessons.

I think it is wrong of any teacher to write off a child. My son may yet be the world’s greatest writer. That is an unknown. I don’t like my son being labelled as abysmal and think this is bad teaching practice.

As we walked away, my son said “Well what did you think of him?”

My reply which some of you may not like was …

“He’s an idiot and he does not like how you have sussed that”

Frankly, I think the pupils in the class would do better to listen to my chattering son than this poor excuse for a teacher.

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