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What are my reasons to be cheerful?

I cannot keep turning up late to the positive party so thought I would get in an early post this week.

1. My husband felt he did well in two interviews this week. Both involve additional assessments so we wait and try not to get too stressed about it all. We are not resting on our laurels so there is a lot of research going on and then the time-consuming form-filling and so on.

2. My son told me yesterday that he wants to be a doctor and is trying to work out whether to be a missionary type doctor, to work generally or to specialise. It is not so much about the job he mentioned that makes me smile. It is the fact that he has clearly given his future a lot of thought and has some aspirations.

3. I had a really pleasant interlude with my daughter eating cupcakes and doing an impromptu karaoke of sorts.

4. Feedback on my performance in certain areas seems good. That sound way cheekier than it actually is.

5. Our new addition is still delighting me every day.

5. I am still enjoying the freedom of the school holidays although have made great strides in sorting uniform and school shoes. Must do labels this year. I could do with having lines to remind me of this fact. I must sort labels. I must sort labels.

5. My youngest son snuggled up to me last night. I was thinking about my adoption and the insecurity it gives. I asked me son “Who do you belong with?” “I belong with you Mummy!” was the reply. Then I asked who I was? By now my son was almost asleep in fact I thought he was or I would not have asked the question. “You are my Mummy and you are perfect!”

My favourite reason has to be that last one I think.

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