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Well, you could say it has turned into quite a week!

There is the ongoing need to find a house to rent.

Dad is in hospital and I am waiting to hear what is wrong with him and what happens next.

So time to do the weekly check in to reassure myself that there are actually good bits to the week too.

1. Dad is in hospital and the NHS are doing their best by him. It really brings home how wonderful it is that we have a free health service.

2. My husband is acting like a total star, doing whatever it takes to keep everybody OK. He is so uncomplaining when actually quite a lot is required him of the minute – commuting, working, hospital visiting, DIY, entertaining the children and more. It is in times of crisis that you wake up and realise just what you have got.

3. The children are being well-behaved on the whole clearly picking up on the fact that is exactly what I need from them right now.

4. We had a fun evening at the coast on Sunday and ate at our favourite family-friendly restaurant. Cheap and cheerful and good food too.

5. I am continuing to enjoy my role with BritMums and engaging with new charities and charity-minded bloggers all the time.

6. I had a meeting at the social enterprise last night where I am a Trustee. It was lovely to have some grown-up time and really touching to see the genunine concern from the other Trustees about my Dad.

7. I don’t wish to go into details but I found out that something I thought was true wasn’t. This made me hugely cheerful. Sometimes it is good to have made the wrong assumptions.

8. I have made huge progress with decluttering so when the time comes to move we should be ready. Also having less books, toys etc really helps make housework a whole lot easier.

9. The supportive emails, tweets and comments I have received over the last few weeks and days has really kept me going.

You see, even on the really rotten weeks, there is always good stuff if you look for it.

How about you? What are you smiling about

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