Old post 11

It seems pretty certain now that Dad is not going to get better. He is so weakened that any infection will signal the end according to the medics as he will not have the strength to fight it. I veer between being strong and crying. Amazingly strong most of the time as if someone up … [Read more…]

Old post 9

Obviously, our main focus is Dad being so ill. Only a month ago, Dad seemed absolutely fine so it has all come as a huge shock. It still seems a bit unreal but day by day, we are starting to face up to things. As regular readers will know, I love the blog hop organised … [Read more…]

Old post 7

Today, I am going to visit my Dad in hospital. This time it will be different because I am going to woman up and talk to him about the fact that he is dying. We don’t know what time-frame we are dealing with but I sense it will not be long. So there are conversations … [Read more…]

Fireworks poem by my daughter

Fireworks, fireworks! Shooting glittering pink Fireworks, fireworks! Catherine wheels whizzing round. Fireworks, fireworks Lots of colours Fireworks Fireworks Popping. Whee! Whoosh! Fireworks, fireworks! Rainings silver stars. Fireworks, fireworks! Banging as they get in the sky

Old post 8

They do say that we are to remember, remember the 5th November. In my house, that has always meant not only preparations for Bonfire Night but an acknowledgement that this was the date in 1969 when my adoptive parents met me for the first time. These days there is a long process of introduction to … [Read more…]

12th birthday boy

Today it is your 12th birthday. Happy Birthday darling boy. 12 things then for today. 1. It was so important to me that you were a boy because your Dad had already got daughters from previous relationships. He was so proud to have a son. 2. You were born at 2 minutes past eleven in … [Read more…]

Old post 6

I know you are sick of hearing it. I am too. I had some lovely comments about my Adoption Special Day post yesterday. I kept bright and breezy all day. Having known it was coming, I guess I mentally prepared for it and then blogged it out. Last night, I felt so alone. My husband … [Read more…]

Old post 5

What does it feel like to make a hospital visit to a loved one? After what feels like weeks of living in limbo not knowing what was wrong with him, it appears he has hepatitis brought on by a clash of the drugs he was taking for various health conditions. Until a month ago, I … [Read more…]

Old post 3

Tonight. my husband is visiting my elderly father in hospital and there is still no diagnosis. I could not face it after a stressful weekend and then the things that need doing here towards getting ready for a long-planned 3 day break in Derbyshire and an imminent house move. That sounds very selfish I know. … [Read more…]

Olympic poem

Here is a poem about the Olympics from my 8 year old daughter. Olympics happening here now. London 2012 now. Yellow is one of the ring colours. Miles to run on the tracks. People will come from everywhere! In the Stadium NOW! Come and cheer! So come along! Dated 2012