Pear clafoutis is on the menu

Pear clafoutis was on the menu today as I had a tin of pears that was just sitting there doing nothing.

Pear Clafoutis

I love clafoutis because it is easy to make with things you have in the house anyway and it can look very impressive if you use colourful fruit such as raspberries.

My 11 year old son took the lead as we try and combine some of our cooking with our home education journey. He absolutely loves to cook and we have a lot of fun working together.

First I tasked him with collecting the various ingredients. This tested his French at least a little bit too. He had an accident dropping an egg on the floor so I guess we can count that as a lesson in health and safety.

He mixed the eggs adding in sugar, flour and milk. Vanilla extract was next along with some lemon zest which my husband grated for us. He complained after a bit of whisking that his arm hurt and declared he would have a six pack soon if he carried on taking so much exercise. I told him he should try doing Christmas cake which is a far stiffer mix.

Little Hearts, Big Love

We made a mistake when adding the butter as we did not real the recipe properly or rather I didn’t so did not melt the butter first. From this our learning was to read instructions carefully and how one word can lead to a totally different meaning and totally different results.

I laid out the pear halves in a pretty enough pattern and we poured on the custard mixture.

My husband loved the results, my son was not convinced and I am yet to try the pudding after dinner tonight.

Whilst we waited for the pear clafoutis to cook, my son did some science worksheets on energy doing really well and then went onto maths helped by his Dad.

It’s a rainy day today and we only managed a small walk with the dogs but we have enjoyed simple pleasures such as laying the fire, preparing a chicken dinner and having a giggle together.

As I write this, I think I might look into the history of clafoutis as I am really keen to incorporate food history into our learning.

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